April 24, 2024
driving when you are pregnant

Admittedly, being pregnant implies being more fragile, however, this is not a reason to stop living and carrying out our good old daily habits. If many stop driving when they are pregnant, know that it is quite possible to drive even with your big belly. To do this, discover without further delay the precautions to take for driving while pregnant .

Consult your doctor

Before getting behind the wheel, you need to know whether your state of health allows you to drive or not. This initiative is all the more recommended if you plan to make a long trip or if you plan to make a round trip by daily car. To do this, consult your doctor if there are specific precautions (antispasmodic, anti-emetic, etc.) to follow or if you are unable to drive or finally if there is no risk , it is always best to find out about your situation to avoid complications.

Tip: never separate yourself from your medical records because it can serve you well in case of problems.

Watch the weather

Avoid dangerous situations by following the weather (being stuck in snow, driving in a heat wave, etc.). So make it a habit before you go out to look at the weather forecast and arrange your trip or your program according to the situation. For example, it would be better to drive, if possible, early in the morning or a little later in the evening. We suggest that you include in your planning the parameter in which you must stop halfway in case.

Avoid overworking yourself

Even for men or women, who are not pregnant, driving is quite tiring. So, if you are, we can’t even imagine the constraints you may feel. Therefore, do not overwork yourself, again if possible, with strenuous activities before driving, consider delegating certain tasks. To help you feel better when driving, take regular 15-minute breaks from time to time to promote blood circulation in your lower body.

Always put the belt on .

Even if you are pregnant, wearing a seat belt is still mandatory. For this, remember never to hinder your belly with the belt. In the event of a sudden stop or accident, if you are not careful, the strap could become too tight and risk causing serious complications such as miscarriage. To do this, the ideal would be to equip yourself with a strap guide such as the safetyBelt for optimal comfort and safety .

Have a comfortable position

Pregnant women are more prone to problems of discomfort and unease related to her pregnancy. For example, there are heavy legs, sciatic nerve pain, back pain, etc. To benefit from a minimum of comfort when you are not driving, we suggest that you put as much room as possible to stretch your legs while remaining operational while driving. Always keep your back firmly glued to the backrest.

Stay hydrated

With pregnancy, the need for water becomes greater than normal. In this case, remember to always bring one or more bottles of water depending on the length of the trip, the seasons, basically according to your needs to hydrate yourself. Sometimes, when the heat is too dense, a water mist is strongly recommended to refresh the air in the passenger compartment of your car.

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