July 14, 2024
oil on the skin

Beauty products fill the shops today. They promise exceptional virtues and benefits. But did you know that the oil also has cosmetic qualities? Indeed, it is recognized as an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Follow these few tips to properly use an oil to maintain your skin.

Using oil on your face

One of today’s most popular skincare products, face oil is also a product that many people don’t know how to use properly. It is important to assess skin type and skin concerns in order to select the right oil for optimal success. Although oils have slight variations in general, hydration is something they all have in common. To further protect your face, you can use skin-beneficial carrier oils like avocado oil or macadamia oil . Here are vegetable oils that you can use depending on your skin type:

Avocado oil for dry skin.

Black cumin oil for problem skin

Evening primrose oil for people with mature skin

Jojoba oil for those with combination to oily skin.

It is recommended to use oils in the evening , when the skin is at rest so that the oil can repair and protect the skin while you sleep.

Using oil on your body

The virtues of the oil on our body are the same on our face. The oil allows our body to nourish itself and avoid dryness of the skin . For your body, you can use carrot oil or even avocado oil. Carrot oil is much more practical after a sunny day. Avocado oil comes in handy for those who have scars on their body. Body care professionals suggest the use of natural organic vegetable oil which is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants and offers better skin protection.

The different applications of oil on the face

The use of the oil depends a lot on your skin type. If you have dry skin , you should apply the oil at night after cleansing, and tone it with an alcohol-free toner. Mix 4-6 drops of oil directly with your nighttime moisturizer and apply to face and neck. You can also apply 4-5 drops over your moisturizer , which will provide a protective barrier to prevent dry air from drawing moisture from the skin. For normal skin , follow the same steps above for dry skin, but mix in 2-3 drops of treatment oil, as normal skin obviously needs a little less oil. Foroily/combination and blemish-prone skin , follow the suggested skincare routine for dry and normal skin, then massage just 1-3 drops of oil directly onto the skin . Oily skin already has its own oil built in, and skin primarily needs water to stay healthy and hydrated, so you don’t want to use too much oil. For daytime use , apply the oil over daytime sunscreen and before makeup. By layering the treatment oil over your sunscreen moisturizer, you add a protective barrier that will prevent moisture from evaporating.

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