July 14, 2024
Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Sylfirm X is the most recent model of Sylfirm’s radio frequency microneedling energy equipment. It has been scientifically demonstrated to handle a variety of skin conditions in a safe and effective manner. Fine lines, wrinkles, redness, acne scars, big pores, and dull skin are all examples of this.

Because of the many advantages it offers, Sylfirm X has become the specialists’ preferred skin rejuvenation and skin tightening treatment.

How Does It Enhance Your Skin’s Texture?

To help you reach your cosmetic goals, the Sylfirm X combines two renowned skin rejuvenation procedures, radiofrequency and microneedling. It enhances texture while also minimizing the existence of pores, vascular and pigmentary conditions. As a result, the skin is smoother, brighter, and looks more radiant.

Treating Pores With Sylfirm X

What Causes Large, Visible Pores?

Blocked pores – Oily skin is prone to having clogged pores. Acne papules and pustules may form, stretching the skin’s pores. Unexfoliated or removed clogged pores could make the skin lose suppleness and become irreversibly enlarged. Past acne would have also produced skin damage, resulting in ‘tougher’ and less elastic skin.

Skin Laxity – As we grow, the quantity of collagen in our skin diminishes, causing our skin to lose suppleness. The skin starts to lose its ‘tightness’ surrounding the pores as it ages, resulting in bigger pore size.

How Does Sylfirm X Treat Enlarged Pores?

Sylfirm X is used to treat big pores in the same way that it is used to address acne scars. The regulated damage induced by the microneedles, for starters, initiates a healing process. Throughout the healing process, this increases collagen formation, tightening the region and minimizing pores. Simultaneously, the radiofrequency energy delivered by the microneedles promotes collagen formation and remodels the skin laxity around the big pores.

The changeable depth of a microneedle enables better targeting of various layers of the skin.

Deeper depth = skin volumization, resulting in smooth, dewy skin. Middle depth = collagen stimulation for skin tightening and pore reduction.

Shallower depth = skin surface resurfacing to smooth texture and boost skin regeneration benefits for glowing skin.

What Causes Dull, Pigmented Skin?

Melanin is the pigment accountable for the color of the skin. Melanocytes, which are unique cells found in the skin’s basal layer, produce them. Melanocytes then travel to neighboring skin cells and appear on our skin. Internal (genetics/age) or external (sun exposure) variables might influence the quantity of melanin in certain locations. This causes pigmentation abnormalities including freckles and melasma, which are frequently linked with aging.

Skin redness is often connected with telangiectasia, or damaged or enlarged capillaries at the skin’s surface. Pigmentary diseases may be caused by both inherent and exogenous factors.

What Is The Sylfirm X’s Treatment For Dull Skin And Pigmentation?

The “Pulse Wave” option delivers radiofrequency radiation into the skin in numerous pulses. This setting permits structural repair to happen from within the skin.

Sylfirm Pulsed Wave Therapy

Melanocyte activity is inhibited, limiting hyperactivity or aberrant pigmentation production.

The skin’s basal layer is reinforced, preventing additional melanocyte hyperactivity.

Abnormal vessels are addressed, which might lessen redness and some pigmented diseases like melasma.

These modifications result in a decrease in redness and pigments, resulting in the desired brighter and dewier appearance.

Duration Of Treatment And Outcomes

Each Sylfirm X treatment is conducted in-office and includes a topical anesthetic to make you relaxed throughout the process. A single treatment session typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete, based on the number of procedure locations and your skin condition.

While you may see a dramatic change in the look of your skin after only one treatment, many people need up to five sessions for the greatest results. Skin renewal with Sylfirm X is long-lasting, with benefits that do not diminish after a few months. The treatments may be repeated every year for long-term advantages.

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