May 18, 2024
use cbd oil?

Given that cbd products are among the most popular wellness supplements on the market, it’s no surprise that people want to know how to use cbd oil. Cbd has made an appearance on restaurant menus, cocktail lists, and even at-home recipes.

With all of the buzz surrounding this hemp extract, it can be difficult to know how to take it or how much is appropriate for you. Here’s everything you need to know about how to take cbd oil and find high-quality products in an ever-expanding market.

How do I use cbd oil?

While cbd products such as gummies, vape pens, capsules, and lotions are available, cbd oils are by far the most popular application style. Cbd can be taken in a variety of ways, including directly ingesting a tincture or adding a few drops of oil to your next meal.

1. Consume cbd oil in the form of food or beverages

While putting cbd oil directly into your mouth may not be for everyone, you can always ingest cbd with your food. You can safely add cbd oil to a dessert or recipe while keeping the cooking temperature to a minimum.

Cbd is also a great addition to smoothies, coffee, tea, and other beverages. There are a variety of flavored cbd oils available, making them an ideal ingredient to incorporate into a variety of dishes or drinks.

2. Place a drop of cbd oil under your tongue

Cbd oil can be taken sublingually, or beneath the tongue, for a more straightforward approach. When using a traditional tincture, this is the quickest way to see results.

Take a dropper of cbd oil and place it beneath your tongue for this method. Then, before swallowing, hold the oil in place for 30 to 90 seconds. Allowing the cbd oil to sit beneath your tongue as directed allows the cannabinoids to enter your bloodstream.

3. Apply a cbd salve that you’ve made yourself

There are many cbd-infused creams and balms available for topical application, but you can also use cbd oils to make your own homemade topicals. All you need are a few simple ingredients, and you’ll be able to tailor your cbd topical to your skin’s and wellness preferences.

What are the health advantages of using cbd oil?

Cbd oil works by stimulating the endocannabinoid system, which contains thousands of cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. Cbd stimulates these receptors and can affect many bodily functions to promote wellness when consumed. As a result, many people take cbd in the hopes of resolving specific health issues. Some of the most common cbd oil benefits that customers report include:

Anxiety and stress relief

Many people are turning to cbd oil to alleviate anxiety or reduce stress levels. This is primarily due to CBD’s natural calming abilities, which promote relaxation without producing a high, and several studies support the notion that cbd has anti-anxiety properties.

Relieving chronic pain

Cbd is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is why cbd oils have quickly become a popular natural pain reliever. Learn more about additional treatment choices here . Cbd is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is why cbd oils have quickly become a popular natural pain reliever. Cbd also does not have many of the negative side effects that some over-the-counter medications may have, such as gastrointestinal bleeding from prolonged NSAID use. Hemp oil isn’t a panacea for pain, but it may have some advantages.

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